NPM (Node Package Manager)
Case Studies

NPM is a bay-area technology company specializing in Javascript management resources and libraries for web developers that ensure smooth, easy, and secure code-sharing across teams. The following case studies were developed to showcase the growth and success that NPM’s clients have experienced using their service. For these designs, custom illustrations of NPM’s trademark “Gak” were created to show how the product can inhabit a wide range of environments and provide power to the companies using it.



NPM + DocuSign

In the DocuSign case study, custom illustrations show the “Gak” living inside a ballpoint pen, relating the concept of digital document management to NPM’s unique capabilities.



NPM + Condé Nast

In the Condé Nast case study, custom illustrations show the “Gak” inhabiting the London Eye ferris wheel with Big Ben visible in the distance, highlighting NPM’s digital presence in London through Condé Nast.



NPM + uShip

“Gak” powered hot air balloons express the mission of uShip as a global transport marketplace made more secure and efficient through their use of NPM’s service.



NPM + Publishers
Clearing House

Because the Publishers Clearing House case study focuses on code security, the “Gak” is shown safely contained in a cube structure. This illustration captures the theme of data protection while still communicating the flexibility of NPM’s product.